About IRI:

Today it is imperative for a research journal to be presented in relevant online search system for getting its due place in the academic world. With the dawn of the electronic era, hundreds of online abstracting and indexing services have been established in almost every major academic language of the world but unfortunately for the journals published in Urdu and Arabic languages, there are no sufficient availability of such A & I services even in native countries of these languages. 
IRI provides A & I Services to the journals published in the discipline of Islamic Studies especially in Urdu and Arabic Language. The service will facilitate those journals which fulfill the required criteria of selection i.e. ISSN No., Abstract, Research Based Editorial Board, dedicated website etc.

Recent News

International Seerah Conference
International Seerah Conference is going to be held on 8 th and 9 th of December, 2016 at AIOU.
Department of Islamic Culture, History & Thought has launched series of lectures titled “Khutbaat-e-Islamabad”.
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Technical Editing in Islamic Research
A two day National Symposium on “Technical Editing in Islamic Research” is being held on 20th & 21st October, 2016 at main campus of AIOU Islamabad. Registration fee: Rs. 500.

Message Of The Patron Vice Chancellor

The Project to Abstract and Index Academic Journals & Conference Proceedings of Islamic Studies and Arabic with official name of “Islamic Research Index” (IRI) was initiated as a join venture of AIOU and HEC in 2014. IRI is one of the unique indices entertaining quality Islamic Research Journals (in Urdu & Arabic) for the purpose of indexing & abstracting. The work done by the Team is beneficial for not only the students and scholars of Islamic Studies in Pakistan but all over the world. I congratulate its founding Editor Prof. Dr. Mohyuddin Hashmi and his Team for achieving this significant task in the field of Islamic Research and hope that it will have far reaching impact in the future.

Message Of TheFounding Editor

Islamic Research Index (IRI) aims at serving as an indispensable tool for researchers, libraries and students of Islamic Studies and Arabic. This index provides an effective tool to search what has been published in the field of Islamic Studies & Arabic along with online access to the published material at its official website “iri.aiou.edu.pk”. It contains thousands of research articles, reviews and records which cover all the main areas regarding Muslim history, beliefs, societies, cultures, languages, literatures, the contemporary issues and their proposed solutions. All the Research Articles in IRI are recorded, classified and indexed separately.